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7 April 2020 [shall come into force from 7 April 2020].

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Republic of Latvia

Order of the Minister for Health No. 65
Adopted 30 March 2020

Regarding the Determination of a Quarantine Regimen

Issued pursuant to
Section 36, Paragraph one
of the Epidemiological Safety Law

Due to the positive COVID-19 diagnosis confirmed in a laboratory for two clients of the men's shelter of the Evangelical Christian congregation Zilais Krusts (Rīga, Mazjupravas iela 8) and in accordance with the specific field of activity of the shelter, inconsistent flow of clients, their belonging to a social risk group and the associated future risks of spreading the infection in the community, the following shall be determined in accordance with Section 55, Clause 2, Section 62, Paragraph two, Clause 1, Section 63, Paragraph one, Clause 2 of the Administrative Procedure Law, Section 36, Paragraphs one, two, and three of the Epidemiological Safety Law:

1. A quarantine regimen shall be determined at the premises of men's shelter of the Evangelical Christian congregation Zilais Krusts in Rīga, Mazjupravas iela 8 (hereinafter - the shelter).

2. The following counter-epidemic measures shall be determined at the shelter:

2.1. no new client shall be admitted, except for those clients who have left the shelter during the time period from 28 March 2020 to 30 March 2020;

2.2. no client who has been in the shelter from 28 March 2020 to 30 March 2020 shall be let out of the shelter;

2.2.1 the client of the shelter who has been in it from 28 March 2020 to 30 March 2020 shall be prohibited from leaving the shelter;

[7 April 2020]

2.3. the employees of the shelter who have been in the shelter from 28 March 2020 to 30 March 2020 shall perform self-isolation at their place of residence and other measures according to Paragraph 4.12.1 of Cabinet Order No. 103 of 12 March 2020, Regarding the Declaration of Emergency Situation, except for the case when the employees perform duties at the shelter;

2.4. it shall be prohibited for third persons to enter the shelter, except for the provision of emergency medical assistance, for the performance of duties of the State Police and municipal police, and for the supply of food and basic necessities (avoiding contact with the supplier as much as possible). In other cases the arrival of third persons shall be coordinated with the commission for the coordination of quarantine measures;

2.5. it shall be ensured that at least two-metre distance is maintained between persons;

2.6. the health condition of clients shall be observed by measuring body temperature twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) and, if any signs of acute respiratory infection (cough, fever, shortness of breath) occur, the number 8303 must be called without delay;

2.7. if the client of the shelter referred to in Paragraph 2.2.1 of this Order has arbitrarily left the premises of the shelter, such person shall be detained and forcibly conveyed to the shelter by a police officer. The police shall provide guards at the shelter;

[7 April 2020]

2.8. when participating in the performance of counter-epidemic measures, the police officers and other officials shall comply with the required personal protection measures which are determined by the epidemiologist of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

[7 April 2020]

2.1 The Welfare Department of the Riga City Council shall be determined as the competent institution for organising and performing the preventive and counter-epidemic measures stipulated by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control at the shelter.

[7 April 2020]

3. The commission for the coordination of quarantine measures shall be established in the following composition:

Manager of the commission:

Ilona Liskova - Deputy Director of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control on Development and Epidemiological Safety Issues;

Deputy manager of the commission:

Irēna Kondrāte - Director of the Welfare Department of the Riga City Council;

Members of the Commission:

Ilona Drišļuka - Head of the Public Health Control Division of the Public Health Department of the Health Inspectorate;

Jana Feldmane - Head of the Environmental Health Division of the Department of Public Health of the Ministry of Health;

Ilze Grolle - Head of the Department of Disaster Medicine Preparedness Planning and Coordination of the State Emergency Medical Service;

Juris Lūkass - Chief of the municipal police of Rīga;

Juris Šulte - Deputy Chief of the State Police, Chief of Rīga Region Administration.

[7 April 2020]

4. Persons who are affected by the obligations determined by this Order shall cooperate and ensure, without delay, the epidemiologists of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control with the possibility to conduct surveillance and other necessary measures in the shelter referred to in Paragraph 1 on this Order.

5. The Order shall enter into force on the day following its publication in the official gazette Latvijas Vēstnesis.

Minister for Health I. Viņķele

Translation © 2020 Valsts valodas centrs (State Language Centre)

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Title: Par karantīnas režīma noteikšanu Status:
No longer in force
no longer in force
Issuer: Ministry of Health Type: order Document number: 65Adoption: 30.03.2020.Entry into force: 31.03.2020.End of validity: 21.05.2020.Theme: COVID-19Publication: Latvijas Vēstnesis, 63B, 30.03.2020. OP number: 2020/63B.1
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