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Republic of Latvia

Cabinet Order No. 133
Adopted 27 March 2020

Regarding the Re-allocation of Appropriation

1. To ensure funding for the measures for the elimination and management of the consequences of COVID-19, the Minister for Finance may, in accordance with Section 22 of the law On Measures for the Prevention and Suppression of Threat to the State and Its Consequences Due to the Spread of COVID-19, re-allocate appropriation in the amount of EUR 1 493 511 from the expenditures for official training, work and service travels and work trips foreseen in the budgets of ministries and other central State institutions for the implementation of the basic State functions to the programme 02.00.00 "Funds for Unforeseen Events" of the budget unit "74. Funding to be Re-allocated in the Process of Implementation of the Annual State Budget" according to Annex to this Order.

2. The ministries and other central State institutions referred to in Annex to this Order shall prepare and, by 27 March 2020 in accordance with the procedures specified in laws and regulations, submit to the Ministry of Finance request for the re-allocation of appropriation by programmes (sub-programmes) according to Paragraph 1 of and Annex to this Order.

3. After re-allocation of the appropriation referred to in Paragraph 1 of this Order, the Minister for Finance shall inform the Saeima thereof.

Prime Minister A. K. Kariņš

Minister for Finance J. Reirs


Cabinet Regulation No. 133
27 March 2020

Re-allocation of Appropriation from the Budgets of Ministries and Other Central State Institutions to Programme 02.00.00 "Funds for Unforeseen Events" of the Budget Unit "74. Funding to be Re-allocated in the Process of Implementation of the Annual State Budget"

Budget unit Euros
01. Chancery of the President -31 975
02. The Saeima -50 700
03. The Cabinet -22 542
04. Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau -3800
05. Office of the Ombudsman -5400
08. Society Integration Foundation -3214
10. Ministry of Defence -489 192
11. Ministry of Foreign Affairs -200 914
12. Ministry of Economics -84 322
13. Ministry of Finance -100 900
14. Ministry of the Interior -134 804
15. Ministry of Education and Science -61 932
16. Ministry of Agriculture -51 737
17. Ministry of Transport -20 473
18. Ministry of Welfare -26 212
19. Ministry of Justice -44 451
21. Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development -45 790
22. Ministry of Culture -46 833
24. State Audit Office -9085
25. Cross-Sectoral Cooperation Centre -3800
28. Supreme Court -4015
29. Ministry of Health -34 453
30. Constitutional Court -3112
32. Office of the Prosecutor -8500
35. Central Electoral Commission -1400
47. Radio and television -3955
74. Funding to be Re-allocated in the Process of Implementation of the Annual State Budget 1 493 511

Minister for Finance J. Reirs

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Document information
Title: Par apropriācijas pārdali Status:
In force
in force
Issuer: Cabinet of Ministers Type: order Document number: 133Adoption: 27.03.2020.Entry into force: 27.03.2020.Theme: COVID-19Publication: Latvijas Vēstnesis, 62B, 27.03.2020. OP number: 2020/62B.3
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