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Republic of Latvia

Regulation No. 1234
Adopted 28 December 2010

By-law of the National Archives of Latvia

Issued pursuant to
Section 16, Paragraph one
of the State Administration Structure Law

I. General Provision

1. The National Archives of Latvia (hereinafter - Archives) is a State institution of direct administration under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, which implements the national policy in the field of document and archives management.

II. Functions, Tasks and Competence of the Archives

2. The Archives shall perform the functions prescribed by the Archives Law.

3. In order to carry out the specified functions, the Archives shall perform the following tasks:

3.1. implement the acquisition, control and preservation of the national documentary heritage, approve the medium-term and long-term plans in the field of acquisition;

3.2. perform activities for determining documents of Latvia's historic heritage present outside of the Republic of Latvia, acquiring the documents or copies thereof;

3.3. determine the distribution of the documents of the national documentary heritage among the structural units;

3.4. co-operate with the creators of the national documentary heritage in matters of appraisal and acquisition, and consult institutions and private archives in the document and archives management field;

3.5. perform the approvals provided for in the Archives Law in the records and archives management field;

3.6. ensure the optimal conditions for storage in the repositories of the Archives and preventive preservation of documents, perform systematic controls of the storage environment and implement measures for its improvement;

3.7. perform location and physical condition controls of the documents kept in the Archives, if necessary, perform special measures to search for them, as well as the prevention of further damage;

3.8. perform restoration and conservation, microfilming and digitalisation of documents;

3.9. ensure the description of archival documents, establish finding aids for information and publicly available search systems for archival documents;

3.10. establish and maintain the national documentary heritage register;

3.11. organise reading room work in accordance with the procedure for the utilisation of documents specified by the Director of Archives;

3.12. provide informative services of the Archives, establish and maintain a homepage for the Archives;

3.13. prepare exhibitions of archival documents, organise seminars, conferences, educational measures regarding records and archives management matters;

3.14. prepare and publish historical source publications, reference and informative issues, as well as research in archival science;

3.15. implement national and international projects;

3.16. issue permits allowing the taking of documents included in the national documentary heritage out of the Republic of Latvia for a period of time;

3.17. maintain and develop the necessary infrastructure for the work of the Archives;

3.18. maintain and develop the methodological and research literature libraries of the archives sector;

3.19. provide proposals to the Ministry of Culture for the development of regulatory enactments in matters associated with the document and archives management field and the formation of the national documentary heritage;

3.20. provide continuous professional development for civil servants and employees, as well as organise assessment of the qualifications and fulfilment of the professional duties of the civil servants and employees;

3.21. perform other tasks specified in regulatory enactments.

4. The Archives has the rights prescribed in the Archives Law.

III. Structure of the Archives and Competence of Officials

5. The Archives shall comprise functional and territorial structural units. The structure of the Archives shall be determined by the Director of the Archives.

6. The structural units of the Archives shall act in accordance with this By-law and regulations of the relevant structural unit.

7. The Director of the Archives shall administrate the Archives. The Director of the Archives shall perform the functions of the head of an institution of direct administration prescribed by the State Administration Structure Law.

8. The Director of the Archives shall have deputies. The competence of the deputies of the Director of the Archives shall be determined by the Director of the Archives.

9. A functional or territorial structural unit of the Archives shall be administered by the head of the structural unit. The competence of the head of a structural unit shall be determined in the regulations of the relevant structural unit and in the job description of the position of the head of the structural unit.

IV. Provision of the Rule of Law in the Activity of the Archives and Overview of the Activity

10. The Director of the Archives shall ensure the rule of law of the activity of the Archives.The Director of the Archives shall be responsible for the establishment and activity of a system for verification of administrative decisions.

11. Decisions and actual action of employees of the Archives may be contested by submitting a relevant submission to the Director of the Archives. The decision of the Director of the Archives may be appealed in court.

12. The administrative acts issued by the Director of the Archives and the actual action may be contested at the Ministry of Culture in accordance with the procedure determined by the Administrative Procedure Law. The decision of the Ministry of Culture may be appealed in court.

13. The Archives shall submit a report regarding the activity of the Archives and the results thereof to the Ministry of Culture not less than once a year.

V. Closing Provisions

14. Cabinet Regulation No 337 of 17 May 2005, By-law of the Directorate General of the State Archives (Latvijas Vēstnesis [the Official Gazette of the Government of Latvia], 2005, No 80) is repealed.

15. This Regulation shall come into force on 1 January 2011.

Prime Minister,
Minister for Regional Development and
Local Government V. Dombrovskis

Minister for Culture S.Ēlerte


Translation © 2011 Valsts valodas centrs (State Language Centre)

Document information
Title: Latvijas Nacionālā arhīva nolikums Status:
In force
in force
Issuer: Cabinet of Ministers Type: regulation Document number: 1234Adoption: 28.12.2010.Entry into force: 01.01.2011.Publication: Latvijas Vēstnesis, 206, 30.12.2010.
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