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12 May 2010 [shall come into force from 19 May 2010]

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Republic of Latvia

Regulation No. 1533
Adopted 22 December 2009

Procedures for the Granting and Disbursement of Remuneration for Adoption of a Child

Issued pursuant to Section 8.1,
Paragraph three, Section 15, Paragraph one,
Section 16, Paragraph one and Section 17,
Paragraphs one and two of the Law On State Social Allowances

1. This Regulation prescribes the procedures for the granting and disbursement of remuneration for adoption of a child (hereinafter - remuneration), the amount of the remuneration and the procedures for the review thereof, as well as the documents to be submitted in order to receive the remuneration.

2. The amount of the remuneration shall be LVL 1000. The remuneration shall be disbursed to one of the parents of the child.

3. The Cabinet shall review the amount of the remuneration upon the proposal of the Minister for Welfare, evaluating the economic situation of the State, as well as taking into account the State budget capabilities and the increase in the average monthly gross work remuneration of workers specified by the Central Statistical Bureau.

4. In order to receive remuneration, an applicant for remuneration shall submit a written request to any division of the State Social Insurance Agency regarding granting of remuneration, indicating the following information:

4.1. for the applicant for remuneration:

4.1.1. the given name, surname;

4.1.2. the personal identity number;

4.1.3. the address of the declared place of residence;

4.1.4. the telephone number or electronic mail address;

4.1.5. the account number (21 symbols) of the credit institution or postal accounting system (PNS); and

4.2. for the child:

4.2.1. the given name, surname;

4.2.2. the personal identity number;

4.3. the type of remuneration requested (remuneration for adoption of a child).

[12 May 2010]

4.1 The request referred to in Paragraph 4 of this Regulation may also be submitted to the State Social Service Agency in the form of an electronic document in accordance with the regulatory enactments regarding the drawing up of electronic documents, or sent by post.

[12 May 2010]

4.2 The applicant for remuneration shall certify with his or her signature that the information submitted in the request is true.

[12 May 2010]

4.3 When submitting a request for the granting of remuneration, the form inserted on the Internet home page of the State Social Security Agency (www.vssa.lv) may be used.

[12 May 2010]

4.4 The court, which approved the adoption, shall, within 3 working days after the judgement comes into effect, notify the State Social Security Agency thereof.

[12 May 2010]

5. A division of the State Social Insurance Agency shall examine the request for granting a remuneration within one month after receipt thereof and take a decision on granting of the remuneration or a refusal to grant the remuneration.

6. A division of the State Social Insurance Agency shall take a decision on refusal to grant the remuneration in the following cases:

6.1. the applicant for remuneration or the content of the request fails to comply with the requirements specified in the Law On State Social Allowances and in this Regulation;

6.2. [12 May 2010];

6.3. the applicant for remuneration has provided false data; or

6.4. legal ground for granting of the remuneration has been lost.

7. A division of the State Social Insurance Agency shall inform the applicant for remuneration regarding the granting of remuneration or a justified refusal to grant the remuneration. If a decision has been taken on refusal to grant remuneration, the applicant for remuneration shall be informed in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Law.

8. A division of the State Social Services Agency shall disburse the remuneration not later than the next calendar month after the day the remuneration was granted.

9. If due to the fault of a division of the State Social Security Agency remuneration has not been disbursed to a recipient of remuneration in the specified time period, the relevant sum shall be disbursed to him or her not later than the next calendar month after the day when the error made was determined.

10. The sum of the remuneration received unjustifiably due to the fault of the recipient of remuneration shall be reimbursed by the recipient of remuneration voluntarily or it shall be deducted from the remuneration to be disbursed in the following months.

11. If the recipient of remuneration does not voluntarily refund the sum of an unjustifiably received remuneration or the disbursement of State social allowances is discontinued before the debt is extinguished, the relevant sum shall be recovered by bringing an action to a court.

[12 May 2010]

12. The following regulatory enactments are hereby repealed:

12.1. Cabinet Regulation No. 193 of 30 March 2004, Regulations Regarding the Amount of Allowance for Child Care, the Procedures for Review Thereof and the Procedures for Granting and Payment of the Allowance (Latvijas Vēstnesis, 2004, No. 53, 124).

12.2. Cabinet Regulation No. 27 of 11 January 2005, Procedures for the Granting and Disbursement of a Remuneration for Adoption of a Child (Latvijas Vēstnesis, 2005, No. 8; 2009, No. 103).

13. This Regulation shall come into force on 1 January 2010.

Prime Minister V. Dombrovskis

Acting for the Minister for Welfare,
Minister for Education and Science T.Koke


Translation © 2012 Valsts valodas centrs (State Language Centre)

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Title: Kārtība, kādā piešķir un izmaksā atlīdzību par bērna adopciju Status:
In force
in force
Issuer: Cabinet of Ministers Type: regulation Document number: 1533Adoption: 22.12.2009.Entry into force: 01.01.2010.Publication: Latvijas Vēstnesis, 203, 28.12.2009.
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