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Disclaimer: The English language text below is provided by the Translation and Terminology Centre for information only; it confers no rights and imposes no obligations separate from those conferred or imposed by the legislation formally adopted and published. Only the latter is authentic. The original Latvian text uses masculine pronouns in the singular. The Translation and Terminology Centre uses the principle of gender-neutral language in its English translations. In addition, gender-specific Latvian nouns have been translated as gender-neutral terms, e.g. chairperson.

Republic of Latvia

Regulation No 680

Adopted 22 August 2006

Regulations Regarding the Paid Services Provided by State Libraries and the Methodology for Determination of Pricing Thereof

Issued pursuant to
Section 5, Paragraph three
of the Law On Libraries

1. These Regulations prescribe the paid services provided by State libraries (hereinafter - a library) and the methodology for determination of pricing thereof.

2. Libraries shall provide the following paid services:

2.1. copying (for example, copying of printed publications and other documents, copying on a thermal film);

2.2. acquisition of information from a computer (for example, a print-out, a record on a floppy disk, a record on a compact disk);

2.3. services of the interlibrary loan (ILL) and international interlibrary loan (IILL) (for example, processing of orders, delivery of documents);

2.4. electronic delivery of documents;

2.5. execution of a topical request (for example, selection of information in library databases, compiling of bibliographies);

2.6. copying of fragments of audiovisual materials;

2.7. scanning of originals, digital photography with storing of information in an electronic format;

2.8. binding of documents (for example, binding, flat stitching, laminating).

3. Pricing of a paid service of a library shall be determined, using the following formula:

Imp =

Tizm + Nizm

, where


Imp - pricing of the paid service;

Tizm = (B + S + C + D + E + F);

Nizm = A x k;

Tizm - direct costs. These shall be such planned costs of provision of a paid service of a library, which are formed from the maintenance costs of such employee (employees, structural unit) of the library, who intends to provide the relevant paid service, and from the capital investment costs (including the depreciation amount of fixed assets);

B - the remuneration of such employee (employees) of a library, who intends to provide the relevant paid service. The planned remuneration shall be formed from the number of employees involved in the process, their working hours and work remuneration (per year), which is planned in accordance with regulatory enactments. A monthly salary (time payment) system shall be applied to the employees of the library;

S - mandatory payments of State social insurance. They shall be applied in accordance with the amount of payments, which is specified for the planned financial year in regulatory enactments;

C - the costs of official journeys and business trips. They shall be planned only if the official journeys and business trips will be performed in direct relation to the provision of the relevant paid service;

D - the costs of services, as well as the costs of purchase of materials, energy resources, water and low-value inventory. They shall be planned in such amount as to ensure the provision of the relevant service;

E - payments for loans and credits, which are related to the provision of the relevant service. They shall be planned in accordance with regulatory enactments;

F - depreciation amounts for such fixed assets, which are used for the provision of the relevant service. If it is necessary to purchase additional fixed assets for the provision of the relevant service, the intended depreciation amount for fixed assets shall also be included in expenses;

Nizm - indirect costs. These shall be the costs for the provision of paid services, which are formed by a part of the administration costs of the library;

A - the administration costs of a library. These shall be costs, which ensure the general operation of the library so that the relevant employees could successfully provide paid services;

k - coefficient (proportion), which characterises the amount, in which it is intended to include the administration costs of a library in the provision of the relevant paid service, and is a proportion of the planned remuneration (per year) of employees directly involved in the provision of a paid service in relation to the remuneration (per year) of employees directly involved in the provision of all paid services of the library;

Vsk - the planned number of paid service units per year.

Prime Minister A. Kalvītis

Acting for the Minister for Culture,
Minister for Finance O. Spurdziņš

Translation © 2007 Tulkošanas un terminoloģijas centrs (Translation and Terminology Centre)

Document information
Title: Noteikumi par valsts bibliotēku sniegtajiem maksas pakalpojumiem un to izcenojumu noteikšanas metodiku Status:
In force
in force
Issuer: Cabinet of Ministers Type: regulation Document number: 680Adoption: 22.08.2006.Entry into force: 31.08.2006.Publication: Latvijas Vēstnesis, 138, 30.08.2006.
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