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Text consolidated by Tulkošanas un terminoloģijas centrs (Translation and Terminology Centre) with amending regulations of:

19 June 2001 (No. 261);
25 June 2002 (No. 266);
14 August 2007 (No. 549).

If a whole or part of a paragraph has been amended, the date of the amending regulation appears in square brackets at the end of the paragraph. If a whole paragraph or sub-paragraph has been deleted, the date of the deletion appears in square brackets beside the deleted paragraph or sub-paragraph.

Republic of Latvia

Regulation No. 384
Adopted 7 November 2000

Regulations regarding Dangerous Equipment

Issued pursuant to Section 3, Paragraph two
of the Law On Technical Supervision of Dangerous Equipment

1. These Regulations prescribe the dangerous equipment subject to the requirements of the Law On Technical Supervision of Dangerous Equipment.

2. Dangerous equipment is:

2.1. lifting equipment:

2.1.1. lifts with a lifting capacity of 50 kg and more;

2.1.2. cranes with a lifting capacity of one ton or more;

2.1.3. hoists for lifting people to a height above three metres;

2.1.4. cable car equipment intended for the carriage of persons;

2.1.5. escalators and conveyors intended for the transportation of people;

2.2. boiler installations the maximum allowable temperature (TS) of which is more than 95 oC, but not exceeding 110 oC and the capacity of which is more than 500 kW, except for boiler installations which conform to the classification specified in Sub-paragraph 2.3. of these Regulations;

2.3. pressure equipment assemblies that, in accordance with the classification determined in regulatory enactments regarding pressure equipment and assemblies thereof, conform to Category III or IV;

2.4. pipelines intended for the conveyance (transportation) of gas, liquids and vapour (in pure phase), as well as mixtures thereof from constructions and machinery or to constructions and machinery if these pipelines, in accordance with regulatory enactments regarding classifications specified for pressure equipment and assemblies thereof conforms to Category III;

2.5. equipment and assemblies thereof for the production, storage and utilisation of chemical substances:

2.5.1. technological equipment at service stations with a total volume of tanks more than 2,5 m3; and

2.5.2. stationary reservoirs and groups thereof in which it is possible to store the following quantity of fluids simultaneously: substances that, in accordance with regulatory enactments regarding fire safety, are highly flammable and explosive, as well as very highly flammable liquids, gases and mixtures thereof - more than 2,5 m3; diesel fuel, liquid fuel and substances that, in accordance with regulatory enactments regarding fire safety, are combustible liquids - more than 10 m3; and substances that, in accordance with regulatory enactments regarding the classification of chemical substances and plant protection products, are very toxic, toxic or harmful - more than 2,5 m3;

2.5.3. [19 June 2001]

2.5.4. [19 June 2001]

2.5.5. [19 June 2001]

2.5.6. [19 June 2001]

2.6. [25 June 2002];

2.7. engineered structures for the metallurgical industry:

2.7.1. steel melting equipment; and

2.7.2. [19 June 2001]

2.7.3. steel rolling equipment;

2.8. road vehicle equipment for the carriage of dangerous freight:

2.8.1. tanks;

2.8.2. tank containers;

2.8.3. containers; and

2.8.4. receptacles; and

2.9. [19 June 2001]

2.10. fairground amusement equipment intended for the conveyance of people if a conveyance movement is performed:

2.10.1. on a vertical plane; or

2.10.2. on two or more planes.

[19 June 2001; 25 June 2002; 14 August 2007]

3. Cabinet Regulation No. 249 of 14 July 1998, Regulations regarding the List of Dangerous Equipment (Latvijas Vēstnesis, 1998, No. 212/213), is repealed.

Prime Minister A. Bērziņš

Minister for Welfare A. Požarnovs


Translation © 2008 Tulkošanas un terminoloģijas centrs (Translation and Terminology Centre)

Document information
Title: Noteikumi par bīstamajām iekārtām Status:
In force
in force
Issuer: Cabinet of Ministers Type: regulation Document number: 384Adoption: 07.11.2000.Entry into force: 11.11.2000.Publication: Latvijas Vēstnesis, 401/403, 10.11.2000.
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