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Agreement Between The Government Of The Republic Of Latvia And The European Patent Organisation On Cooperation In The Field Of Patents (Cooperation Agreement)

The Government of the Republic of Latvia ("Latvia"), represented by Zigrids Aumeisters, Director of the Paten t Office of the Republic of Latvia


the European Patent Organization ("the Organization"), represented by Dr.h.c. Paul Braendli, President of the European Patent Office ("EPO")

having regard

to the Convention on the Grant of European Patents of 5 October 1973 ("European Patent Convention") and, in particular, Article 33(4) thereof,

to Latvia's Patent Law of 2 March 1993

taking into account

the steps already taken by Latvia to provide effective protection for industrial property, inter alia by adapting its patent legislation to the level of protection existing in the Member States of the European Patent Organisation,


that cooperation between the Organisation and Latvia is of mutual interest and will strengthen the protection of industrial property in Europe,

have agreed as follows:

Article 1

Subject of the Agreement

The contracting parties shall work together within the scope of this Agreement to develop further the infrastructure for an efficient patent system in Latvia.

Article 2

Technical cooperation

Within the scope of its capabilities the Organisation shall assist Latvia particularly in

(a) providing basic and further training for the staff at the patent Office of the Republic of Latvia ("Latvian Office") and employees of other government bodies whose work involves patent matters;

(b) building up and organizing its system of patent attorneys;

(c) building up an appropriate documentation for patent information services;

(d) producing the Latvian Office's official publications;

(e) building up a patent information system;

(f) building up data-processing systems for the patent grant procedure and administration of patents.

Article 3

Legal and administrative cooperation

(1) The contracting parties shall regularly exchange information on legal developments relating to their respective patent system.

(2) If requested by Latvia to do so, the Organisation shall give advice on proposals for enacting or amending legal provisions relating to the Latvian patent system.

(3) Should Latvia provide for a system enabling the effects of European patents to be extended to its territory, the Organisation shall cooperate with the Latvian Office in accordance with a special agreement implementing such a system.

Article 4

Joint Committee

(1) A Joint Committee shall be set up to discuss all matters arising from this Agreement and its implementation. The Committee shall be composed of representatives of the EPO and the Latvian Office. Representatives of other government bodies involved in or directly affected by the implementation of the Agreement may be consulted.

(2) The Committee shall meet on the initiative of either the Director of the Latvian Office or the President of the EPO. The agenda for each meeting, and the venue and date thereof, shall be fixed by agreement between the two.

Article 5

Implementation of the Agreement

(1) The tasks incurred by the contracting parties in consequence of this Agreement shall be carried out by the EPO and the Latvian Office. The EPO may entrust individual tasks to the Patent Offices of the Contracting States to the European Patent Convention, subject to their consent.

(2) The details of the implementation of this Agreement shall be fixed by agreement between the Director of the Latvian Office and the President of the EPO.

Article 6

Amendment of the Agreement

At the request of the Organisation or of Latvia, the contracting parties shall enter into negotiations on amending this Agreement.

Article 7

Duration of the Agreement

This Agreement shall be concluded for a period of five years and shall be renewable for further periods of two years.

Article 8

Entry into force

The date on which this Agreement enters into force shall be determined by an exchange of notes between Latvia's Minister for Foreign Affairs and the President of the EPO.

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 "Latvijas Vēstnesis", 3, 05.01.2001.
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