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Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Latvia and the Government of the Republic of Iceland

on co-operation in the field of tourism

The Government of the Republic of Latvia and the Government of the Republic of Iceland, hereinafter referred to as the Parties,

acknowledge that it is in their mutual interest to establish tight and long-term co-operation in the field of tourism,

desire to develop relations in this field between both countries as well as their national tourist organizations,



Article 1

The Parties shall assist in the extension of the tourist traffic between the Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Iceland for the purpose of improving the mutual knowledge of life, history and culture of their nations.

Co-operation will be implemented in accordance with the laws and regulations that are in effect in the two countries and the provisions of this Agreement.

Article 2

The Parties shall favour closer co-operation between their tourist authorities and national tourist organizations as well as between other organizations participating in the development of international and domestic tourism.

Article 3

The Parties shall facilitate the exchange of tourist information, namely by means of printed material, films, advertising campaigns, conferences and seminars, organization of exhibitions and trade fairs. The Parties can establish information centres or appoint representatives of their tourist authorities in the respective countries.

Article 4

The Parties shall co-operate to assist in education, training and exchange of experts, personnel and students in the tourist sector. The Parties shall assist both public and private organizations, to carry out different tourist development studies and projects.

Article 5

The Parties shall exchange information about legislation, experience and data through their tourist authorities as well as regarding their activities in international tourist organizations.

Article 6

To enhance the implementation of this Agreement, the Parties shall establish a Joint Tourism Committee comprising tourism officials from both countries, with the aim to implement joint proposals, programs and resolutions concerning the development of bilateral co-operation in the field of tourism.

The Parties may invite experts and representatives of the private sector from both countries to participate in the activities of the Committee.

Article 7

The Parties have agreed that the responsibility for the implementation of this Agreement shall be borne by the following authorities:

the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Latvia, and

the Ministry of Communications on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Iceland.

Article 8

Neither Party will accept any responsibility or liability as to how the results of the co-operation under this Agreement are applied or used by the other Party .

Article 9

This Agreement may be amended by the Parties only if in writing and with the acceptance of both Parties.

Article 10

If a dispute arises between the Parties concerning the interpretation or application of this Agreement, the Parties shall seek a solution by negotiation or by any other method of dispute settlement acceptable to the Parties .

Article 11

This Agreement shall enter into force when both Parties have notified each other that their necessary internal procedures are completed.

This Agreement shall be in force for a period of three years and shall be automatically extended for another period of three years unless either Party informs the other Party in writing of its desire to terminate this Agreement six months before the expire date of the Agreement.

Termination of the present Agreement shall not affect the implementation of programs and projects, which may be launched during the period of its validity, unless agreed upon otherwise by the Parties.

Done at Riga on 9 October 2000 in two original copies in English.

For the Government For the Government
of the Republic of the Republic
of Latvia of Iceland
Indulis Bērziņš Kornelius Sigmundsson
Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador
Document information
In force
In force
 international agreement
Entry into force:
Place of signature: 
 Cabinet of Ministers
Reservation: No
Declaration: No
 "Latvijas Vēstnesis", 108, 13.07.2001.
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